Pay Stubs

A minimum of one month’s pay stubs for your most recent pay periods. You may be asked for your pay stubs to be sent in throughout the loan process as well.


W-2’s / 1099’s

Most recent two years.


Federal Tax Returns (2 years)

If self employed, claiming dividend income, unemployment income, rental income, or writing off expenses for work which affect your adjusted gross income.


Bank Statements

Most recent two months. All pages of statements are required. Any large deposits must be verified.


Investments / 401K

These quarterly or monthly statements will show additional assets when qualifying. 60 days of activity are required.



Copy of driver’s license, permanent resident alien card, and social security card may be required.  Divorce decrees, bankruptcy documents, proof of child support or alimony will be requested when applicable.



*Do not take out new credit when preparing to purchase a home.
*Keep bank balances at level of when applied to avoid decreasing assets.
*If you are an hourly employee, keep your work schedule consistent through out loan process and save your pay stubs.
*If receiving gift money from a family member, please obtain a gift letter/procedures from your loan officer.