There are still low down / zero down loan programs available to you!!!


Conventional Financing – Maximum Financing is now 95% of the purchase price with 3% allowable seller concessions. Seller concessions cover closing costs and prepaid items.


FHA Financing – Maximum Financing is 96.5%. A 3.5% down payment is required and can be gift money. Seller’s concessions are allowed up to 6% of the purchase price. Each County has a maximum qualifying loan amount. You must meet standard debt ratios’ when qualifying for this program.


Rural Home Loans – A Government insured loan allows 100% financing with zero down payment.  Income Limitations and property restrictions apply.  6% Seller concessions are allowed and closing costs may be rolled into your loan if property appraises adequately.


Contact a Michigan United Mortgage Loan Specialist today to talk about your loan options and what you may qualify for.  We look forward to working with you to put you in your new home!